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Terry Thomas

DJ Double T – Safari Of Sound – every other Friday 8pm

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Sound boy, warm up DJ, avid clubber and record collector, and dancer in years gone by. Over the years inspired by DJs with diverse playing styles; Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson, Norman Jay, Dave Hucker and John Peel to name a few. And raving to sound systems sets from Saxon, Soferno B, Aba Shanti, Sir Lloyd, Gaz’s Rockin Blues, Latin Rave Street Jam, Mastermind, Rapattack.
Still a dancer. Now teaching Latino styles, organising classes, workshops and events.

Tune into the Safari of Sound show with Dj Double T, for a trek through the lands of Dub, Roots and Revival Reggae, Calypso, Ska, Bossanova, Afro, son Cuban, Blues, Jazz, Soul and onto Funk. A journey to inspire love, peace, higher consciousness, nodding of heads, tapping of feet, waist winding and shape throwing in celebration of life.

All past journeys can be relived below –