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Soul Roots Radio: Mission and Values

Our mission is to bring SOUL ROOTS musical journeys to as many peoples across the world as possible.

Hand with a cassetteOur Values

  • Playing the roots of music – not just soul, but also roots reggae, UK street soul, global music, Afro Beat, funk and house music, including music made across the African continent (in all its diverse manifestations), Latin and North America and the Caribbean.
  • Building bridges between peoples and finding commonality through a shared love of music.
  • Supporting our DJs to develop their own profiles and grow together with the station.
  • Working directly with independent and up-and-coming soul and related artists and labels, to serve as a conduit and promote their music to as wide an audience as possible.
  • Broadcasting over the internet to all points of the globe, playing music as diverse as we are peoples.

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