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Midnight Callers


Midnight Callers – monthly 10pm Sundays

Making up two thirds of the Second City Sounds Collective alongside Andy Medlock (AKA The Beautiful Deep) Heath Tyldesley & Dave Tomkins now set sail on a new radio voyage to bring you “Midnight Callers”, a late night monthly magical musical emporium where the journey is the destination.
Alongside a first love playing soulful, deep house and disco, the dynamic duo board the less travelled high fidelity night train with a ticket to the outer reaches of their record collections. DJing and collecting since the early 90’s, expect eclectic selections across the genres curated to ease listeners through the final embers of the weekend.
Bringing deeper house explorations, mid tempo chug, chilled oddities and Balearic beats. The two night owls invite listeners to dial into their late night affair to enjoy one final Sunday “Midnight Calling” together.  Silk Kimonos are optional but very much encouraged.  All aboard!