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Scott McBride

mag biscuits

Magnificent Biscuits – Sundays 10am

Magnificent: Adj. /maɡˈnɪfɪs(ə)nt/

Extremely beautiful, elaborate, or impressive.

Biscuits: Noun. /ˈbɪskɪts/

Round pieces of vinyl with music on.

Magnificent Biscuits is the guise of Scott McBride who has been spinning his collection of Worldbeat, Afro, Latin, Tropical, Soul, Jazz, Funk and other classic raregrooves via bars, clubs, festivals and parties across the East and the UK for nearly 30 years. Magnificent Biscuits was formed 3 years ago, initially as a London radio show which has been broadcast internationally ever since. Having been heavily influenced by the great, late John Peel, the whole concept (as the name suggests) was to be able to dig deep into his eclectic record collection and that nothing was off limits – as long as it was Magnificent!

So every show and live set is a wonderful journey full of exciting, varied sounds: some you’ll know, but many you won’t. Like digging into a musical selection box, you might hear Nigerian Boogie alongside South African Kwaito, South American Merengue melt into Brazilian Samba, Japanese Jazz-funk, Vintage Highlife, Afro-Cuban rhythms or tropical sounds from Islands far away. Of course a healthy topping of soul, funk, reggae and hip hop classics feature with these biscuits too.

Guaranteed uplifting, funky beats and the odd wobbly bassline… It’s soulful, global sounds with extra crunch!

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