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Lloyd Jones

Hipology Sound – Norfolk Nights

Lloyd bring his selections of Nu Jazz, Broken Beat, Trip hop, Chilled jazzy house, together with Disco, Tropical, Soul and Funk to your ears monthly on a Wednesday at 8pm –

A melting pot of blissful energy. A love for beats, samples and sax.
Ambient, Jazzy and Danceable. Come with Lloyd NOW!!!

Hipology Sounds is Norwich, Norfolk based British producer, Dj and multi
instrumentalist Lloyd Jones. He has been Djing since 1999, cutting his
teeth playing vinyl in bars, clubs, and pubs. In 2001 he started to produce
his own sounds using his beaten up drum kit, sampler, keyboard and a
commodore 64. He has always had a love for Ambient electronic music,
Latin, Jazz, Deep house, Funk, Trip-hop, Broken Beat, Techno and
anything Danceable and interesting.

“If Kamasi Washington was to get together with Paul Van Dyke, and be
directed by Brian Eno it would sound something close to his productions”.
(Neil March: Fresh on the Net 2020)

Currently making music with Saxophonist Simon Taylor, the pair’s unique
sound fuses Jazz, trippy ambient synths, hard hitting beats and UK
dance-floor vibes with nuances of the early Detroit sound; all combined
with High energy performances.

Some of his tracks were featured on Fresh on the Net, and have been played by 6 Music’s Tom Robinson on his show.

You could dance all night, float away on a dream cloud and be taken to
another dimension of musical bliss. Past dreamscapes here.